Lauris 9

Lauris will be always so specially in our family because he made us as parents. 9 beautiful years ago we were in the hospital to get our baby boy and near tea time he was born. Our super energy ball was there and since then never stopped and never got tired. We love you so much, Lauris! Have a fun, happiness, and excitement on your Birthday!

Today we are already one the way to celebrate Lauris’s Birthday at Legoland Windsor. But couple days ago I asked Lauris for an interview and he tried to describe himself trough my questions.

Tell me about yourself! Who are you? What do you do? What is most important about you?

Ask me one question at the time, please… Sooo I like chicken nuggets. My hole family are 5 people- Mummy, Daddy, Markus who is doing homework, Olivers and me. And my favorite hobby is watching computer games, specially Tank games. But today my Mum told me off for some stuff what I did and I can’t play it. 


What do you like to do?

I kind of like going to play outside. I go on the skateboard, roll blades, riding around bike and playing with my friends.  I go down the ally and field, it just down there. Sometimes I like reading my book, I just will go and fetch it to show you. Now I am reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid.


What don’t you like?

I hate doing my homework and maybe clean the room, but that’s easy. I don’t get moody about it. I don’t like when Markus gets moody.

How old would you like to be now?

How old are you again? (Me- 37) Okay, then, I want be 36 then. Not so old as you but I want to be married like you.

What are you going to be when you will grow up?

I might be Youtuber like Olly White. He signed me a paper today at school. I might be him. I don’t really know.

What would you do tomorrow if you would have free day and lots of money?

In the morning I would be on tablet, then would go on computer till someone will knock on the door and I will go outside till lunch. After that I could do some reading and back to some computer games in the evening.

What are your best characteristics?

Well, my friends say I am a good leader and also good at sports, fastest in the class, maybe sometimes second fastest.

What is best what’s happen in last year?

That was in Class 3, I was at school, Miss McD was teaching us and we used to read books and then write small reports on them. Also school lunches are great, I love Friday lunches. They are my favorite. I love cheesecake so much. I could eat it all day. And I was School Councilor last year and I am not anymore because I can’t be every year. Others need a chance too.

What you wish for in the next year?

Then I would like my own computer and my Mum could have Dad’s old computer and I can have this one. And for Christmas I would like to have something teenagerish. Maybe get something from Pokemons.

This is the end of an interview!!!!

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