A Day in Our Life

Monday as Monday, the same as others, just a little bit different in a way that from this week I am back as full time Mummy. Therefore, let’s celebrate motherhood with a post about our usual day routine.

7:00 the alarm goes on, and it is the time for all of us to get up. Lately, Markus has a special desire that I wake him up. Even if he is up, then we still need to pretend that I am waking up him.

7:10 My beloved morning coffee and breakfast for boys.

7:45 Markus is the first, which leaves a house for pre-school together with Dad. Bag, water bottle, something new pfor share and tell and off in the car.2016-02-29 07.47.018:40 As we live 5 minutes walking from the school, then Lauris’s leaving the home is left to the last moment. Between Markus left and Lauris will need to leave we talk about the day, repeat spelling test, sort out bag for a day, and play Jenga. Also Lauris squeeze in some TV time when I take a shower and getting ready for a day or, if honest, ready for a school run and seeing other parents. 🙂

 2016-03-02 08.09.31a2016-02-29 08.44.06a9:00 Lauris has arrived at the school and I have an hour for house cleaning before I am going on bus to pick up Markus from pre-school.2016-02-29 10.21.22a
 10:45 I have time for a little shopping (for example, find braces for Karlsson at World Book Day) and it is not possible to do without a second coffee and some pastries.

12:00 Markus is very glad to see me at pre-school pick up time and immediately points out that today we are going to play with Sophia. We are trying at least once a week to visit our friends, and we are very glad if succeeds.

2:15 the way back to home and for pick up Lauris from school. 2016-02-29 12.40.35a2016-02-29 16.27.37a2016-02-29 16.27.55a3:30 When we arrive home from school, the boys immediately wants a snack, milk and go outside to play with friends. While I was preparing dinner, Lauris and Markus are out and playing basketball, tennis, riding bikes, scooters and skateboard, going crazy for a good hour and so.

2016-03-02 15.24.22a2016-03-02 15.25.14a5:00 dinner time. Soon will be Dad at home too. And by the time he arrives boys are ready to sit down at the dinner table. 

5:45 doing fun crafty activity with boys, what you will be able check out in the next post. Later they are playing in their room and every couple minutes complaining that other is not sharing. Just like normal evening at home. DSC_7673a7:20 the first attempt to put down kids to sleep bedtime routine, evening story, lights off … but then Markus hear that in the next room, I  am skyping with my Mum, and comes in to say hello.

8:00 at last boys are asleep and we have our special evening back when we just relaxing- reading books, watching films, talking and sometimes I am writing a blog too. Tonight though we are supposed to choose the baby boy’s name. After we both come up with our ideas, we discuss and actually, unbelievably find some options, what, of course, is a secret til we will see our baby.  baby-name-decisionsPhoto resourse: http://unusual.info/2013/12/24/the-weirdest-baby-names-of-2013/

10:30 lights off, it is time to recharge (as much as possible with 34 weeks big tummy). Tomorow is a new day, new, simple day, but for sure a diffrent one from today. 

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