Children Activities About Country – Latvia

DSC_2989aStarp Lāčplēša dienu un Latvijas Valsts svētkiem gribēju dalīties ar 5 idejām, kā un ko mācīt ar Latviju angliski runājošiem 5-10 gadus veciem bērniem. Šīs idejas ir arī aprobētas praksē. Bērnu vienīgās zināšanas par Latviju bija, ka es esmu no šīs valsts un ka tā ir Eiropas valsts. Bez tā, ka var pastāstīt dažus faktus par Latviju un vajag mūsu zemi parādīt kartē, man gribējās arī kādas radošākas aktivitātes, lai kaut nedaudz personiskas pieredzes iegūtu ik bērns.

Between 11th November (Lāčplēša diena in Latvia) and The Latvian Independence Day on 18th November I am inspired to share 5 ideas on how and what to speak to 5-10 years old about Latvia.  These ideas have been delivered in practise, and children enjoyed them, learnt about Latvia a lots.  Before that children just knew that I am from Latvia and that is one of the European countries.  I wanted add their understanding through some creative activities. 

Map of Latvia


Due to the climatic position, Latvia has four typical seasons – summer, autumn, winter, and spring. Winter usually is snowy in Latvia. Spring of Latvia comes often with a thorough flood; the Latvian rivers go out of their banks. The Latvian summer lasts from June to September. They are sunny, sometimes the temperature reaches + 35 degrees (Celsius). Autumn of Latvia is especially gorgeous. The leaves of trees are coloured pink and yellow, the large forests entertain your eyes with its coloured variety, but migratory birds flock together as they need to hurry to warmer places.DSC_0996

You’ll Need
• Watercolour paper
• Watercolour paint
• Brushes
Map template
• 4 season pictures- seasons


1.Show children Latvia nature pictures and tell differences between seasons.

2. Trace the map shape of Latvia on the sheet of watercolour paper.

3.Encourage children to divide map in 4 parts – one for each season- and paint in the map of Latvia with watercolours.

4. When watercolour painting is dried you can optionally trace shape of map with black pen.


Arm Band/Bracelet


Per Latvian law The Latvian national flag is carmine red with white horizontal stripe.[2] The colour on the flag is sometimes referred to as Latvian red. The red colour of the Latvian flag is a particularly dark shade, which is composed of brown and purple. The flag’s colour proportions are 2:1:2

Flag of Latvia

 You’ll Need

DSC_0991• Latvia flag colour strings
• Wooden bead

1st version:

  1. Make a plate in 2 colours- 2 dark red and 1 white as flag colours.
  2. Add some wooden beads if children want.

2nd version:
Follow Double knot bracelet  instruction (bracelet) and use half red and half white for strings.


Stone Painting


Latvia has 500 kilometres of beach along the Baltic Sea, modern port cities, fantastic resort cities, old fishing villages, quiet, secluded and even unruly pockets of nature. Some areas of coastline are covered with stones and some – just light sands for many km.

DSC_2990You’ll Need

• smooth beach stones/pebbles
• paint (optional- acrylic)
• paint brushes

1.Tell children about Baltic Sea and lovely beaches with sands and also stones. You can even show some pictures to make it more clear.

2. Choose a base-colour for the stone.
3. When the rocks were dry, select the colours for the detail painting.
4. Ask children which colour they’d like to start with and while they’re painting, have them think about what colour they’d like to add next. This way, the paint goes on in layers and don’t mix. Sometimes it is good idea just offer the colours one at the time.
5. Continue until the children have added as many colours as they please.


Latvian Food tasting activity


The main targets of activity are discover new tastes and learn about Latvian food traditions. As well there is possibility to talk with children about need in variety of foodstuff.

You’ll Need

  •  Latvian Food Tasting Sheet – Food-tasting
  • Pens
  • Served food pieces (a list which I used):
    Rye bread
    Latvian traditional cheese
    Latvian crisps
    Cranberries in Powdered Sugar
    Milk sweet
    Latvian marshmallows


  1. Prepare tasting plates.
  2. Introduce with activity and familiarize Latvian Food Tasting sheets.
  3. Ask children to choose a foodstuff piece for tasting and rate each in the tasting sheet.
  4. Encourage children verbally express their opinion after rating. Discuss other Latvian food traditions. What do children know about them?


Game “Take a Step Forward”


Activity idea is to familiarize useful Latvian words and phrases.

You’ll Need

  • Word and phrase cards –cards
  • An open space (a corridor, large room or outdoors)

1. Hand out the word cards at random, one to each child. Tell them to keep it to themselves and not to show it to anyone else.
2. Ask children line up beside each other.
3. Tell the children that you are going to read out a word or phrase. Every time when they hear their word, they should take a step forward. Otherwise, they should stay where they are and not move.
4. Variation: read in English.

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  1. mūsu akmentiņi? mūsu akmentiņi!!!!!! 🙂 Tā arī nepajautāju, kā un cik aizvedi? un kas ir tie ēdieni latviski – maršmellovi un krispi? es arī tādus gribu pagaršot…. :)i

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