What to Know Before Weddings in Lithuania?


Recently we spend fabulous weekend at Weddings in Lithuania. Our dear friends Zivile and John said to each other “I will”, and we were very lucky to be there and celebrate their important life event together.


For us Weddings in Lithuania sounded traditional and we knew what to expect. As we are original from neighbour country Latvia, the  wedding traditions are quite similar. It was not the same for foreign guests. For them this day was full of new discoveries and new experience.

Therefore today, what to know before celebrating the Weddings in Lithuania:

  • The Weddings are usually 2 day party. On the first day there is ceremony at the church or at the Marriage Registration Office, later party at the venue with sleeping possibility.
  • There are welcome snacks and drinks (beer and vines) at the venue before the bride and groom are arrived, and guests are waiting them. The waiting can take some couple hours.
  • Drinks and food are on the table all night long. Drinks are for free, as well vodka. Be careful with it!
  • When the bride and groom are arrived, both parents great them with water, piece of bread and pinch of salt, give them blessing and wish them prosperity in their family.
  • Between a ceremony and a party there is a few hours gap what you can use as you like. But sometimes there is organized an activity or a small trip for the wedding guests together with new couple or not.
  • Flowers from guests are the part of a Wedding present.
  • Second day is also very important. It starts at 9 or 10 am with wake-up tradition when musicians are walking around and with songs waking up all guests and the bride and groom. And it is followed by Breakfast and leisure activities- more dancing, singing/karaoke , sauna, hot tube, party/sports games ect.

And some photos from our great time at John’s and Zivile’s Weddings in Lithuania.

By accident Valdis got  an exclusive picture before guests even saw our beautiful Zivile.


I even got booked a hairdresser online. It was really amazing that someone answered on my request as I started to search some days before we were off to Vilnius.

Before                                                         After

DSC_2053a     DSC_2062a_edited-1

We hand an hour before ceremony at church, and we did some sightseeing around Vilnius Old Town.






The only photo together. (Official photos aren’t arrive yet. )


These photos are taken while we waited at the Wedding party venue.



On the Second day of the Weddings.



3 thoughts on “What to Know Before Weddings in Lithuania?

  1. Love your outfit. And always love hearing about wedding traditions. For me it’s strange having the second day with the couple. Occasionally the couple will drop around with people or a “recovery BBQ” on the second day but I’d say it’s more common to take off on their own.

      1. Thank you Inese..so eloquent..you explained everything perfectly..it was a beautiful time for us..there’s a sense of innocence of Lithuania..we all had a good laugh about the waking up in the morning with the musicians playing to us & also the medications ..I can recommend that ..of course my 2 darlings Zivile & John, were impeccable..not to mention our beautiful granddaughter we were very proud of her, she took it all in..we miss Zina & Antanas..so happy for our relation..they are the best.xx

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